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lördag, januari 15, 2005

I'm on a testing spree!!!! Part 1

Jag har hittat en massa test hos Nico, så nu är dagen räddad.

Först två test, som kan döda (eller bekräfta) lite fördomar.

Test ett handlar om hur mycket man tycker om pengar:

Your Score: 25

What does this mean? Hmm, a slightly less than normal score. That is o.k. (if you plan not to make it big, that is). We here at the Money Love Institute of Loving Money feel that it is normal to love money. In fact, we cannot love it enough. We suggest you give us some of your money, so that we can love it for you!

64% scored higher,
3% scored the same, and
33% scored lower.

The average score is: 33

Test två handlar om hur bortskämd man är:

Your Score: 38

What does this mean? You are spoiled, but not to the extreme. You definitely have had a helping hand for most of your life. Mostly, this is a good thing (especially for you). But come a hard time, you could find yourself unable to deal with the situation yourself.

Overall, you scored as follows:

31% are more spoiled,
4% are just as spoiled, and
66% are more deprived than you!

The average score is: 34

Det var ändå helt ok, fast det andra testet hade ibland lite väl dumma frågor...

Neil Young: Tell me why